With the application of our knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities, we help the Investors / Project Developers meet their project requirements by providing services like :

  • Project Identification and Due Diligence
  • Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study (Bankable DPR)
  • Pre Implementation Due Diligence
  • Project Implementation Assistance
  • Post Commissioning Service
Project Identification and Due Diligence

which mainly includes tender analysis, Bidding Management or customer acquisition, site and technical assessment, Policy and regulatory analysis, Risk and challenges & Success factors

Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study (Bankable DPR)

through identification of potential sites, listing of regulatory clearances required, listing of fiscal incentive available, Estimation of project cost, Description of key equipment, their availability and project execution methodology. Preparation of Financial modeling of project, based on credible assumptions which will include calculation of financial indicators to clearly indicate the viability of project.

Pre Implementation Due Diligence

through Preparation of RFQ documents for inviting suppliers. Discussion and Negotiations with Interested suppliers. Detailed Review of the contractual arrangements for execution (EPC contract / non-EPC material contracts, PPA, insurance, civil works and Balance of Plant specifying amongst others performance guarantees, completion schedules, liquidated damages and payment terms).

Project Implementation

through monitoring the physical progress and project cost on a frequency as defined by Owner, Monitoring the process of material procurement, professional expertise used by efficiency tests and to certify their compliance with the guaranteed parameters. Preparation of progress report for the purpose of disbursement of funds. Monitoring the startup and commissioning of project provisional and certify on final completion.

Post Commissioning Service

by preparing a report immediately after the completion of the first three months operation of the project, which shall include the results of the performance guarantee tests and reasons for deviations in the performance, if any, from the guaranteed performance parameters, it’s technical & financial implications on the project with respect to of various agreements.Review of the O&M; plan and budget for the first two years of the operation of the plant.

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