Sustainability Report and Assurance

Sustainability reporting has become an integral part of the annual corporate disclosure exercise (the other being the financial annual report). GSSPL team of professionals will guide you through the often arduousreporting process, creating a report that accurately reflects the organizations vision and sustainability performance.

Foot-Printing Service

As regulatory frameworks on businesses around permissible carbon emission limits and carbon trading are getting strengthened around the globe, businesses are taking proactive initiatives to record their carbon emissions and devise ways to reduce the same.
Our service offering includes:

  • CorporateProduct footprints and labeling
  • Footprints of a supply chain
  • Advise on disclosing and reporting the footprint
  • Program to reduce carbon emissions through carbon management or achieving carbon neutrality through technology investment or offsetting.
RPO Determination and REC Service
  • Application preparation, filing & liaison with concerned authorities for issuance of REC
  • Feedback reporting to authorities of Electricity Generation
  • RE generation source Accreditation and Registration
  • Account Creation and Issuance and monitoring of REC with compliance reporting
  • REC Sale/Purchase facilitation services
  • Trading of RECs
  • REC Compliance reporting to various authorities
  • Assistance with transaction management and billing and settlement mechanisms.
Energy Auditing

Encouraged by Our Customers and also to enable various Industries to further cut their energycost; (to improve their profitability), we provide following services to you.

  • Detailed Energy Audit - for Energy Saving
  • Follow up / trouble shooting / Monitoring services
  • Detailed Project Report and arrangement of finance for Capital Intensive Projects of Energy Saving.
  • Implementation of Energy Saving Projects - based upon % of saving achieved
  • Training Program for Staff and Operators
  • Reduction in Maintenance Cost
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